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Autism Alignment Coaching

Dr. Bergina

Learn how to find joy in the Special Needs journey with Dr. Bergina's six month individual coaching program. As a practicing Psychiatrist with public health background from Johns Hopkins and research training at Mayo Clinic, she is an expert in medical treatment for those with Autism and other Special Needs.

As a mother of two children on the Autism spectrum, she brings real world knowledge that only comes from someone living this unique experience. Join her in learning how you too can have joy in the journey.

Group Coaching


It will take a team to reach your goals and you will find an informed and compassionate community within the Autism Alignment Movement. The group coaching program provides this with monthly teachings full of valuable content with time in between for you to implement what you have learned, all tailored towards your needs.

Live Interviews


April 13th at 9 pm Sensory Gardening with Cathy Allen

Cathy Allen


April 21st at 9 pm Fostering Healthy Relationships with Jeanne Beard

Jeanne Beard


April 27th at 9 pm Coping with Behaviors with Dr. Tim Wahlberg

Tim Wahlberg

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