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The Autism Alignment Movement is an umbrella organization that includes both individuals and organizations that collaborate to improve the lives and function of those affected by Autism and other special needs.



Bergina Isbell, MD is a Mayo Clinic trained and Board Certified Psychiatrist, specializing in the clinical treatment of patients with Special needs including Autism, history of Trauma, and Depression.

As a practicing Psychiatrist, Dr. Isbell is experienced in thorough assessment and evaluation of her patients, providing care for the whole person with educated treatment options in a welcoming and confidential manner. As a result of putting the needs of the patients first and an overwhelming desire to inspire those whom she comes into contact with, she is a highly sought after Psychiatrist. 

As a parent of children on the Autism Spectrum, Dr. Bergina has accumulated a wealth of personal experience.  Taking information gained from conducting research on the science behind Autism and combining it with interviews of families living with children with special needs, she created systems for success in her own family. She is uniquely qualified to help you and your family along the journey towards success in life.

You will find that the Autism Alignment Movement is composed of individuals and groups with a mindset for growth and the desire to serve those affected by autism and/or special needs.

Our Process

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If you are looking to get involved in the community and/or desire coaching for your family, we offer all potential clients a complimentary twenty minute phone consultation.

Its purpose is to assess the level of your family's need and begin to put together a plan of action to address your family's's specific coaching needs.

We are limited in the number of families we can coach one-on-one during a given period of time, so we only accept those families who are willing to invest the time and effort needed to make the greatest impact in their lives.

For families that not able to invest the time into the individual process, group coaching is available.

What Clients And Families Like About Us

who we are

Our clients and families tell us they love our level of personalized service and commitment to excellence. We work to understand our clients' and families' needs so  that the resources and coaching promote maximal growth and success. We communicate regularly and respond promptly. We enjoy witnessing the satisfaction derived by our clients and families from the growth they experience through this program.


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